Raw deal for owners


I attended a City Council meeting last Monday and experienced a lynching. Not a western lynching where someone is strung up by the neck, but a bureaucratic lynching of four property owners who were simply redrawing their property lines for their own benefit.

They can build four houses on 132 acres before the lot in adjustment and can build four after, just with different boundaries. This is normally an administrative matter handled by staff over the counter and the time frame is normally a couple of months.

But this was drawn out by the city and they allowed a non-building permit to be appealed and the City Council cooperated with the delays and conditions that were not ever required in the history of the state of California. After two and a half years of spending time, effort and thousands of dollars needlessly, the property owners withdrew their permit.

There was obviously a conspiracy to delay this request between the city, City Council members and the state of California (they wanted a trail) and neighbors who were protesting their mapping change.

What a crummy council!

Tom Bates