Lights enlightenment


    We knew that the Malibu Stage Company “got their act together” because suddenly two more huge bright lights were visible on the horizon. These lights have been joined in the past few months by a parade of new home lighting marching across the hill directly opposite Malibu Park along Kanan. The three or four new mansion builders on Busch seem to be competing to see who can install the most lights and illuminate every single tree that they plant (one has at least 20 tree lights!). Combine this with the recent news that the big chunk of land by Point Dume Center will also be developed into ball fields and community centers with undoubtedly the brightest lights a developer can install, and we have a prescription for unhappiness. Since moving here just over two years ago, we have seen our beautiful dark starry night dwindle gradually into a light polluted expanse. It seems that the more wealthy and ostentatious the neighbor, the bigger the light display.

    Can we suggest that the Malibu Stage Company start a “good neighbor” trend by turning off these unnecessary bright lights, or at the very least hooding them? We then ask our neighbors throughout Malibu to think about how your house lights are turned all akimbo shining into our bedrooms and living rooms (yes Bonsall neighbors — we mean you). Please hood the lights or turn them off. Better yet install motion detector lights so that they only turn on when disturbed. There is no crime in Malibu. The animals need the dark of night to survive. And many people in Malibu Park will be grateful for any respite we can get from your light pollution.

    Susan M. Tellem