Two Major Point Dume Streets Will Get Humps

Dume Drive and Fernhill Drive are getting speed humps.

The city council voted 5 to nothing last night to start the repaving.

The city’s Public Safety Commission … and the local school district … are strongly requesting the speed humps.

You might recall two years ago … there was a huge uproar on the issue of speed humps on Point Dume’s major collector streets.

Many residents were strongly opposed … because they said firetrucks would be slowdown during emergency responses.

Resident Jane Albrecht said last night that the issue this time is being rushed through it without allowing residents to way in .. like they did last year.


“At the meetings … they held two meetings with residents, they sent notices out, which they should due in this case to let all residents know that this is being considered.

“They were well attended – residents came. “Some where in favor … some where opposed.

“But by far the majority was opposed.”

Last night … city council members concluded that speeding has gotten out of control.

Councilwoman Karen Farrer: “I understand the concern about emergency response time. “I will respectfully say that I don’t think speed humps would’ve made the difference on homes being saved in the Woolsey fire.”

By a unanimous vote … the council agreed … speed humps will go in on Fernhill and Dume drives.

And as Skylar Peak pointed out … the speed humps will not be built in concrete. “They can always be removed if we decided that it wasn’t making people drive slower, or if it wasn’t being safe.”


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