Missing woman in Bu; PCH Lane Closure Looms; Norovirus in SMMUSD School – The KBU Newswire, Friday Feb. 3


Caltrans is keeping an eye at rocks on a cliff above P C H

. A young woman from Glendale is missing …. her car found parked on PCH in Malibu.

Two more cougar sightings at Pepperdine.

A middle school in Santa Monica is closed … kids got sick on a field trip to Yosemite.

and the Santa Monica airport closure … a done deal.


This is the Friday KBU Newswire — from Radio Malibu  …. 97 point 5 K B U.


Glendale police are seeking the public’s help in finding a 20-year-old woman who has been reported missing since Monday.

Elaine Park was last seen last Saturday morning.

Her family later reported her missing. 

Her car was found  yesterday parked along Pacific Coast Highway near Latigo Creek in Malibu, according to Glendale Police.

Her personal property was found  in the car.

No obvious signs of foul play … but obviously … her family is quite concerned.

20 year old Eliane Park is described as a 5-feet 6-inches tall Asian, 125 pounds, long brown hair with blonde tips, and brown eyes. 

She also has a cow skull tattoo on her upper left arm and another unknown tattoo on her lower left arm.


It appears that the cougar on Pepperdine University has been spotted again twice on the Malibu campus.

That makes 12 sightings in the last six weeks.

The Pepperdine newspaper … the Graphic … reports that a cougar was spotted at 10:50 p-m two nights ago … near the Student Health Center … on the north side of campus.

A half hour later … a cougar was spotted up the hill … near the upper dorms.

That was near midnight Wednesday.

Pepperdine’s Public Safety Department has asked people on the Malibu campus not to hike, bike or jog alone, especially from dusk until dawn.

Cougar sightings have also been reported all the way down to John Tyler Drive … a block up the hill from P C H.

Cougar sightings also reported near the campus entrance off Malibu Canyon Road. 

Pepperdine University has contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife … and the National Parks Service … to request assessment of the recent mountain lion behavior.

Malibu neighborhoods are frequently visited by cougars. 

National Park Service maps show that cougars wearing radio tags are routinely roving around out the back door of houses abutting their habitat in the mountains. 

Biologists say cougars love to catch deer … their main diet item.

And deer are frequently attracted to the landscaping at Pepperdine.  


Norovirus the most common food-related illness that hits people. 

A Santa Monica school’s field trip to Yosemite has apparently caused a major outbreak of norovirus at the school  …. 

And the worry is … that may be spreading to other schools.

90 kids and teachers in the seventh grade at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica have come down with the sickness.

That’s out of the 190 people who went to camp at Yosemite last week on a trip to get into nature and get away from electronic screens. 

The virus has spread to the kids’ brothers and sisters … some of whom attend other schools. 

John Adams classes are cancelled today. 

The classrooms and bathrooms are being cleaned with special products recommended by public health officials. 

About 20 million cases of norovirus hit in the U-S every year … and it spreads like wildfire in contained spaces … like cruise ships or a charter bus heading to Yosemite.

It causes nausea … stomach pain and extreme gastric distress.

The best way to fight it … wash your hands.

And John Adams will be getting a thorough chemical cleaning this weekend. 

The school’s trip to Astro Camp has been cancelled. 

The worry … John Adams kids also have brothers and sisters who attend other district schools …. raising the possibility of illness across the district.


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A federal judge in Los Angeles has signed the agreement between city officials and the Federal Aviation Administration to close the Santa Monica Airport.

The agreement apparently locks in the agreement to ban most business jets in a few months …

Then … the closest runways to Malibu will be bulldozed in about 12 years.

227 acres of aviation land to the city for eventual redevelopment as a major park.

The settlement agreement was approved Wednesday by U.S. District Judge John Walter.


Storm related cleanup continues in Malibu. 

Caltrans has it’s eyes on a cliff over P C H in the eastern part of the city.

About a half mile east of Big Rock.

The state agency plans some overnight work next week … to knock the rocks loose.

You may recall this happened last summer … and once the rock climbers got up there …. they discovered the danger was much greater than first thought.

That ended up in a sudden and unplanned closure of the highway for a day … marooning  hundreds of motorists in stopped traffic.

But that action likely prevented major rockfalls during this winter’s torrential rains.


The city yesterday was using flaggers to control traffic … while crews cleaned out the culverts and drainageways along Malibu Canyon Road near the Hughes Research Lab. 


And Caltrans crews and contractors have begin the 2 point 2 million dollar cliff stabilization project on Decker Canyon Road.

And they have found the problem to be more extensive than at first thought. 

Crews using bucket trucks and climbing cliffs have apparently found extensive problems. 

The 24/7 road closures that was to conclude Friday … has been extended through Tuesday night. 

This road … state route 23 … is not a major commuter route.

Residents in the area can use Encinal Canyon Road as a detour. 

The project is concentrating on a cliff … where Highway 23 winds up a cliff on a switchback.


Expect rain all day. 

Rainfall totals for LA and Ventura counties are expected to remain below a quarter inch in most areas.

Areas like Malibu … that sit south of mountains … could get more rain than that as rain clouds move in from the south … and dump rain through orographic lifting. 

This storm system will move out late this evening.

Then … after a cloudy weekend … another storm system Sunday night through Monday night.

This one will bring much more rain … it will tap into subtropical moisture. 

This Atmospheric River will set up mainly for the northern half of the state … Soputhenr California will get some of it. 

Preliminary rainfall estimates with the Sun night- Monday  night storm are for a half inch … up to 2 inches of rain in Malibu.


As of 8:45 this morning … rain totals include:

Upper Decker Cyn  .71

Zuma Ridge  .40

Camp 8 / Las Flores   .26

Monte Nido / Malibu Canyon   .39 

Big Rock Mesa  .31

Agoura   .31


Traffic …



Weather for the Malibu ….


  • SURF…5 TO 8 FT. 
    • Rain will fall until 10am or so … then a 70 percent chance of showers after 10am.

It will be ((((    59    )))) degrees today on the beach … ((((   61   )))) inland. 

Winds will be calm.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    5:26    )))).

After that … expect a 20 percent chance of rain this evening … a low of  ((((  51   )))) on the beach … down to  ((((   46  )))) in the canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((     mostly sunny but cool  )))).

Right now … it’s ((((   57 and raining     )))) at Trancas.

((((   49    )))) in upper Malibu Canyon.

And it’s ((((    57    ))) at Civic center Los Angeles. 

In the ocean … it’s ((((    54   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((  5 to 9  )))) feet high …. 

((((  There is a solid West swell peaking today .. a minor S swell mixing in.  )))) 

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

Low tide at 8:52.

A piddly high tide crests at 2:34 PM.

Low tide ebbs at 8:11 this evening.


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