Point Dume Marine Science School: Estelle Shah


Point Dume Marine Science School (PDMSS) Estelle Shah has set high standards for herself and others. Shah, who has served as president of PDMSS’ Student Council for the past year, is a leader at PDMSS, both inside and outside of the classroom. Each morning, Shah and her fellow officers have led the morning assembly, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance, making school announcements and ending with the school cheer. Shah has worked with the Student Council during many activities, including the Kindergarten Roundup and monthly dress-up days. She has helped collect Box-tops for Education, and has sold See’s candies, baked goods, and more to raise money to support PDMSS’ composing program and to purchase equipment to send to Pat Cairn’s Botswana School Project — PDMSS’ sister school.