The color of action

Re: Letter from Tom Bates, Dec. 10. I hardly believe that my symbolic action of dumping four gallons of water on a model (not one drop of that water got on any person) can compare to the “Brown Shirts,” 15,000 strong by Oct. 1923 who as early Nazis entered meetings, attacked participants, broke up furniture, then would withdraw leaving the hall a shambles. I identify more with “The White Rose” a group of college students who in WWII Munich, Germany, printed and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets. They tried to urge fellow German citizens to rebel against the Nazis.

95 percent of California’s historical wetlands are gone. I wanted to call attention to the Malibu Lagoon historical wetlands flood plain. I have had extensive nonviolence training over 20 years and although my action was shocking, I meant no harm — love your enemy, hate the problem. And peace on earth, good will towards all of life, including the endangered and threatened species who are rapidly losing their habitats.

Valerie Sklarevsky

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