Rosie revamped


    Yes, it’s very charming to see happy doggies frolicking in the waves with their clueless owners. It’s also oh-so-groovy to let your dog run free in my neighborhood and yours. But Malibu is no longer the empty playground it once was. Now there are more neighbors, more traffic and dog owners need to obey laws designed to protect the interests of everyone.

    Not so charming was the recent death of a lovable Jack Russell terrier when it was run over by a pickup on my street. Other free-running dogs have been known to spook horse riders on the trails causing very dangerous situations. The solution? Keep your dog in your yard or on a leash when walking on the roads

    The anonymous writer of “Copping a flea” (June 4) was completely in the right when yearning for a designated dog beach but was completely in the wrong when knocking the cops who were doing their job citing dog owners on the beach. These cops need and deserve our support. There is a statewide leash law and many beaches prohibit dogs. Why? Poop, for one thing. Not once have I witnessed a dog owner pick up a mess left by their own animal on a Malibu beach. Not once. There is poop on the sand and rocks and it gets in the ocean further contaminating the water.

    As members of the Wildlife Emergency Response team, my wife and I frequently observe dogs chasing sick sea lions and injured elephant seal pups back into the water. In the Malibu Lagoon a large chow runs freely, chasing birds completely out of the area. These are offenses against the law and the peace of the wildlife. I sure wish our free-spirited dog owners would control their animals, obey the laws, support the police and protect the right of others to enjoy the splendors of Malibu in peace. Now that would be groovy.

    Marshall Thompson