Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 12/4 – 1/1

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between Dec. 4, 2016 and Jan. 1, 2017:



Engine trouble

An auxiliary motor worth $3,000 was stolen from a boat parked outside a PCH residence.



Moving mishap

Boxes containing clothing, kitchen utensils and appliances valued between $40,000 and $50,000 were stolen by suspects pretending to be movers.



Hiking heist

A MacBook Air laptop, computer bag and purse were stolen from a vehicle parked at the Backbone Trailhead off Kanan Dume Road.



Workout wreck

A vehicle parked outside a fitness studio on PCH was vandalized when its rear window was smashed, though nothing was reported missing from the car.



Bin break-in

Burglars were unsuccessful in their attempt to enter a locked storage bin outside a PCH residence, though they damaged the lock and a door.



Passport picked

A Louis Vuitton purse, iPhone 5s, iPad mini and two passports were stolen from an unlocked residence on Heathercliff Road.



Lizard larceny

A bearded dragon, gecko, heat lamp and terrarium were stolen from a science classroom at Malibu United Methodist.

Jewelry heist

A wedding band, two gold rings and two gold and diamond necklaces were stolen from a nightstand in a home on Bluewater Road.



Ring wrong

A diamond ring worth $26,002 and a women’s ring worth $5,000 were stolen from a residence on Corral Canyon Road.

Litter looting

Three trash cans were stolen from outside a residence on Seahorn Drive.



Door damage

A door and frame were damaged at a business on Malibu Road, though would-be burglars were unsuccessful in gaining entry to the shop.

Register removed

A cash register and about $200 cash were stolen from a business on PCH.

Retail robbery

A clothing store in the Malibu Civic Center was ransacked; witnesses saw two males running out of the business and fleeing in a vehicle.



Fan flung

A restaurant on PCH was vandalized when an exhaust fan worth $6,000 was removed and found nearby with a broken blade.



Shopping surprise

A vehicle parked at the Malibu Civic Center was broken into and a purse containing a black iPod was stolen.



Rehab wreck

A vehicle parked outside a rehabilitation center on Busch Drive was broken into and a Louis Vuitton wallet containing $60 was stolen.

Makeup mistake

Makeup valued at about $100 was stolen from a vehicle parked on Galahad Drive after thieves smashed its window.



Gas station grab

About $300 cash was stolen from a gas station convenience store on PCH, after thieves smashed a window and damaged two doors.



Jacket job

A Patagonia jacket and Banana Republic vest were stolen, along with prescription Ray-Ban sunglasses, binoculars, a knife and coins, from a vehicle parked on PCH.