Light in the Darkness

Kids enjoy swimming and climbing ropes courses at Camp Erin at Malibu’s Camp Bloomfield.

Camp Erin-LA came to Malibu’s Camp Bloomfield on Aug. 19-21. Camp Erin focuses on creating a positive impact on kids who have experienced a death of a parent, sibling or guardian over the past three years. 

The camp was free of charge for children and teens ages six to 17. Children participated in activities like swimming, tie-dye, a ropes course and climbing wall. The program also facilitated therapeutic opportunities through projects like therapy dogs or a friendship circle. 

Camp Erin was created and funded by The Moyer Foundation in Seattle, Wash. Founded by Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen, the camp is named after Moyer’s friend Erin Metacalf who lost her battle with cancer at age 17.