Council wrap-up

Our own little C-Span

Look for Channel 15 to soon serve as Falcon Cable subscribers’ all-government-all-the-time station. The city obtained use of the channel when it consented last week to a contribution and purchase agreement between Falcon Communications, L.P. and TCI, the cable provider soon to be acquired by AT&T.

The city also received a commitment from Falcon to provide $30,000 in equipment to help operate the government programming and to provide a video feed between City Hall and Falcon, so that meetings held at City Hall can be broadcast.

The government-access channel will start up by Feb.1, 1999, and a separate public-access channel will be in operation by April 1999.

New city commissioners named

Mayor Joan House and Councilman Harry Barovsky named their remaining appointments to the new city commissions. For the Telecommunications Commission, House appointed Allison Behr, and for the Public Works Commission she named Richard Davis. For the unfilled seats on the Parks and Recreation Commission, House appointed Pat Greenwood and Barovsky named Doug O’Brien.


Hurricane Mitch

Without the legal authority to make a contribution of city funds to help with the hurricane-relief effort in Central America, the City Council turned down a request by Mona Loo and the Labor Exchange’s Oscar Mondragon to make a donation of public money to the Honduras Consulate. Barovsky encouraged residents to make a private contribution instead, and he identified the following relief organizations: the World Food Program with the United Nations, the American Red Cross and CARE.

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