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I am a sixth-grader at John Adams Middle School. Please, please, please don’t cut the middle school music aids. I can’t even explain how important they are to our music education. There are 94 students in my music class, and if my teacher, Ms. Woo, had to stop the whole class every time one person had a problem with their instrument, we would never learn anything. Our music aids, Mr. Hamilton and Mr. McKeown, help us when we have problems with our instruments, and can also take us away from class to practice separately when we are having a hard time with something. With them here, we can split up into sectionals for half of the class so that we get more help and attention, and then we come back and practice for the rest of class together. Our class is very concerned about the fact that you might cut item #51 and we have discussed it in class often. We are all concerned about this; my teacher and many of my classmates are also writing to you.

Thank you, and please take my opinion into consideration.

Riley Franks

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