KBUU Newswire – Monday Sept 2021 – 8-2 Vote For Bu, But What’s Next?

= Malibu may be closer to an agreement with SM for independence.
= Malibu’s lawyer repeats – we will accept terms for school district independence set by Santa Monica in 2018.
= The president of the Santa Monica board says that’s news to him … and if so … let’s sign the deal today.
= The county says the finances are going to be a very complicated matter … who owes what for what.
= The aftermath of Saturday’s 8 to 2 vote to continue the Malibu independence drive.
= Karen Farrer says Malibu won a victory … in the first battle of a long long war.
= Another smuggling boat washes up west of Malibu … that’s three in a week.
= And the Westward Beach parking project goes to the Planning Commission tonight.
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