King Tides to Hit Malibu Coast

Professional surfer Jen Smith cruises a small wave at the SurfAid event. 

King Tides, high tides that occur when the gravitational pull of the sun and moon are in alignment, are to hit the LA County coast Jan. 29-31, including Malibu shoreline, Marina del Rey, Port of Long Beach, Broad Beach and Port of Los Angeles.

When these tides occur, water levels rise and could cause coastal flooding.

The LA Waterkeeper participates in the California King Tides initiative by encouraging the public to view and photographer the tides throughout the state.

“Sea level rise is a serious and imminent threat to the environmental and economic infrastructure of the LA County coastline,” says Liz Crosson, Executive Director of Los Angeles Waterkeeper in a press release. “King tides are a unique opportunity for us to envision the flooding, erosion and damage that will inevitably occur unless policy changes and community action in response to climate change start now.”