City Needs Help Revamping Legacy Park

Legacy Park's surfer statue

The Malibu City Council is looking to draw more visitors in by adding more art displays to Legacy Park in the Civic Center.

At its meeting on Monday, Jan. 26, the Council will likely allot $75,000 to hire an individual or agency to create a new aesthetic design for Legacy Park that “will include input from the art community, integrated design features using water from the future wastewater treatment facility and aesthetic enhancements to the existing park using various forms of art,” according to a staff report.

The request for design services comes at the behest of the Cultural Arts Commission, which has been studying the issue of slow foot traffic in Legacy Park for many months.

Legacy Park currently features several sculptures and displays, but the Commission believes there is room for more.

“The Commission also concluded that a preliminary design is needed in order to conceptualize the integration of new art and design features into the existing park,” the report states.