Live updates: Small Brush Fire Extinguished in Topanga

[3:10 p.m.] Officials confirmed that power lines were down in an area near the fire but it has not been determine if the downed lines caused the fire.

“That’s part of the investigation in conjunction with the fire department, Edison and law enforcement,” said Inspector Mora.

Containment remains at 85%.

[3 p.m.] Dispatch has confirmed that three spot fires broke out as a result of the original brush fire—one measure 10 x 10 feet, one measuring 50 x 50 feet and a third measuring 20 x 20 feet. 

All visible flames have been extinguished but authorities plan on monitoring the burn area until 8 p.m. and then implement a “night plan,” which will consist of overnight monitoring until Wednesday from one fire truck, one fire patrol and one fire crew, according to dispatch.

[2:45 p.m.] Some utility poles were apparently damaged or knocked down in the brush fire and Verizon and Edison crews are en route to assess the damage.

[2:35 p.m.] There are conflicting reports on how many spot fires resulted from the fire. We will work on getting a total from the county fire.

The brush fire is 100% “mopped up,” according to authorities.

[2:30 p.m.] The brushfire in Topanga is 85% contained, according to latest estimates from LA County Fire.

“We probably have at least an hour’s worth of work here,” one dispatcher said.

[2:20 p.m.] A fireman has suffered a minor eye injury and medical help is on the way. He reportedly got ash in his eye.

Air crews are dousing unburned fuel on the perimeter of the fire. A fourth spot fire has been contained.

[2:10 p.m.] A fourth spot fire has broken out in the Red Rock area in uphill terrain. Crews are headed toward the scene. The spot fire is near Red Rock and Old Topanga Road.

[1:50 p.m.:] The fire is 70 percent contained and there is no longer any open flame burning, according to LA County Fire dispatch. Two of three hot spots have been fully contained.

[UPDATE, 1:25 p.m.] The fire area remains under 2 acres, according to Inspector Mora of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. A source at the scene said authorities estimate they will have the fire fully surrounded in 20-30 minutes and continue to work on three spot fires within the containment area.

The fire originated in the 1200 block of Old Topanga Road.

[UPDATE, 1p.m.:] An air crew has told dispatch there is one home near where the fire was burning but authorities said the fire is no longer active. The fire spread to “two acres or less,” according to dispatch but the flames have been extinguished and crews are now working on putting out three spot fires. 

“We’re having access issues, there’s gonna be a lot of hiking,” one dispatcher said. “We’re gonna continue dropping on this.” 

[Original post] A brushfire has broken out in Topanga near the intersection of Old Topanga Road and Topanga Canyon Boulevard, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

A “20 x 25 spot” was described as of 12:40 p.m. on a radio transmission by fire dispatch. Multiple firetrucks from the Malibu stations are assisting in the fire and helicopters are being used to battle the blaze. Staging areas were being set up at Mulholland Highway and Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Old Topanga and Topanga Canyon Boulevard. 

A residential area with multiple homes are near where the fire is burning, authorities said.

All traffic going toward the area is being stopped, authorities said.

Check back as more information becomes available. 

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