Cooperation needed on farmers’ market


I am disappointed with an issue that should have been solved by now.

More and more of our local shops have been squeezed out and taken over by corporate “boutique” chains. The same may happen to the Cornucopia Farmer’s Market. For the past few years, Raw Inspirations, another outsider corporation, has attempted to commandeer our farmers market. This whole undermining of our community needs to be addressed. How many times do we residents have to pack the house at city council meetings? How many letters do the residents of Malibu need to write?

It’s obvious to anyone who reads the papers or who has been involved in this community, that Cornucopia is spending enormous amounts of time, energy and money obtaining permits when it could be focusing on its passion, the environmental center, and also giving us a wonderful farmer’s market.

Did the Planning Commission forget that the only reason the Cornucopia farmers market was closed in the first place was because of a zoning error made by the city itself?

My family and I truly enjoyed Cornucopia’s market on Sundays, and would love to see its return. If we want to save the local community feel of Malibu, we need immediate help and cooperation please from the Planning Commission.

Natasha Honan