New shop ‘walks the talk’


There is a new store in town that is bucking the trend toward chain, nonresident ownership. It is Sunlife Organics, a health food store in Point Dume Village on Heathercliff Road across from the Bank of America building.

The youth of its two owners makes it difficult to call it “mom and pop” but that is what it is-non-chain, non-franchise and locally owned and operated. It offers food-based vitamins, supplements and a large assortment of organic foods and products. Ice cold organic coconuts opened before your eyes are available, as are fresh squeezed organic fruit, vegetable, wheat grass and ginger juices and fruit smoothies. If you must drink coffee, it is available cold drip brewed in glass receptacles with alkaline water. My favorite snack is the chocolate/pomegranate organic frozen yogurt. The staff is comprised of smiling, enthusiastic young people, including Pepperdine University and Malibu High School students. A 15-foot oak table overlooks the mountains and is ideal for snacking and schmoozing.

The owners are Hayley Gorcey, a ‘06 Malibu High graduate, and Khalil Rafati, both Malibu residents. The store was two years in the planning. Hayley, the manager, says that, “We will not sell anything that we would not use personally and we have very high standards for what we use personally.” Khalil, whose day job is operating a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Malibu, says their store “Walks the talk.”

Hank Pollard