Show some respect


The great American novelist, James A. Michener, had said, “The moral structure of a town may actually determine the kind of people who live therein.”

I believe Mr. Michener’s assertion is an admirable truth. Just how his idea relates to Malibu I cannot fully explain in a mere few words. But I hope at the end of this brief writing, a sort of appeal will be conveyed to an overall spirit of our fine 21st century unique village. An honest appeal at least to those who have been taught in our schools how to read.

Check this out. I do my fair share of people watching at a local coffee shop while mingling with other regular folk. This is called hanging out. We all sip a comforting cup of joe and talk politics and joke. Among us is a certain “Mr. X.” He is a well respected, upstanding resident of the Bu. He has been here over 30 years. Mr. X spends more money weekly at our local stores and shops than amounts equal to the GNP of Cuba. Lately, at the shopping plaza, Mr. X is getting less than decent treatment from overzealous security guards for Lord knows why. Security actually instructed Mr. X to leave the shopping plaza. Is this because my friend is practically a fixture now? Is this wrong? What’s the deal? Mr. X is a productive, well loved guy whose business has put mucho tax dollars into the veins of our economy.

Let’s get these wires that short circuit charm and good character of a town uncrossed. I admit we have to allow for a little confusion. Every community gets things gnarled up on various issues. After all, we live in an area where local district attorneys listen to Snoop Dog on the radio while driving to our courthouse to start work. Keep the proverbial horse in front of the cart instead of the other way around. Mr. X is not an outlaw. He is a well educated, happy, normal citizen and should be treated accordingly. Nothing is complicated here. Either smile and say Howdy upon passing by Mr. X and those of us like him or lay off. These people are Americans!

Robert Leaman Sanders