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I just saw the evening news and the coverage of the pipe breaking on Pacific Coast Highway. The news reporters went to one of the water give-aways to interview Malibuites about the shortage and the highway closure.

They interviewed a woman named Kay Collins and her 12 Pepperdine tenants. Ms. Collins was beside herself. She said (in so many words) that in a city with our prominence, it was terrible that the city would let this happen and not be able to fix it immediately. How dare the city put her and her tenants to such trouble.

Then the evening news covered the devastation in Turkey and I couldn’t help but think that Ms. Collins had her priorities all screwed up. Just what would Ms. Collins do in a true emergency, if this is the way she acts during a little inconvenience. This incident was an accident not a disaster.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. As a community, we need to help each other, not complain that no one is helping us.

Sandra Stafford

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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