Letter: Doggy Demands

Letter to the Editor

Since the Fourth of July, I have been petrified by three really loud sets of big, loud, concussive fireworks. I understand the guys on the barges thoughtfully added “concussion bombs” to make them even louder.

My human tells me that fireworks over the ocean are a “no-no,” according the city zoning code, the Local Coastal Program, the state law that established the Area of Special Biological Significance and the federal Clean Water Act (the ocean here is an “impaired body” — that sounds awful). Bad humans!

My human also tells me that our city code says Temporary Use Permits (TUP) are required for outdoor events and the City Planning Director has the legal right to say no to a disruptive TUP. So why are the humans at City Hall allowing my fellow nonhuman Americans and me to be scared out of our wits?

Is there a Dalmatian at County Fire I could talk to?

Fred Laetz

Hans Laetz’s dog