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It was a real circus on the lot at Paramount Studios as the Concern Foundation cut loose at its annual Block Party. Every year the jam-packed event has a special theme, and this year it was the Greatest Show on Earth.

The laid-back crowd, which included longtime Malibu fan Dick Wolf and his clan, was greeted by sexy stilt walkers in glitzy gear. There were ringmasters with their top hats and handlebar mustaches, nimble acrobats, spunky clowns, enthusiastic dancers and slight-of-hand magicians.

The tables were dressed up in hot pink, lemon yellow and electric blue, and topped with popcorn baskets stuffed with pinwheels, oversized suckers and colorful balloons.

Grownups tried their hand at the gaming tables, but as usual, there was much to keep the little ones busy at this family affair. Between the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, circus rides, palm readers, airbrush tattoos and cotton candy machines, there was something for everyone and every age.

The all-star event drew more than 3,000 people. When they weren’t plunking down their bids at the silent auction, they were lining up for some of the best chow in town.

Lawry’s and Grill on the Alley were carving up a storm with mouthwatering prime rib sandwiches. Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao had their grills fired up with fall-off-the-bone filets and poultry and there was the customary cluster for the chili cheese dogs at Pink’s.

More than 50 top eateries support the event every year. From Factor’s famous pastrami sandwiches to Chaya Brasserie’s chic California cuisine and yummy homemade pasta from Maria’s Italian Kitchen, there were plenty of flavors to savor.

It may have been a three-ring circus all around, but the main stage was the place to be as Jim and Ishita Ganguly-Morrison were named as Concern’s 2010 superstars. They were honored for their ongoing commitment to find a cure for cancer.

Through the years, Concern has raised a whopping $42 million to make cancer a thing of the past and funds 52 research projects in California, the United States and throughout the world.

“Everyone of us hopes and prays for the same thing,” said Concern President Derek Alpert, “a world without cancer. We strongly believe there is no reason that we cannot turn this hope into a reality someday soon.”

The big top blowout raised $1 million to help Concern reach that goal.

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