Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 9.3 – 9.15

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 9/3 – 9/15:


Lemonade larceny

Deputies responded to a petty theft call at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The employee said the suspect stole a lemonade drink and exited the store. The employee told deputies the suspect has stolen items from the store before.

Friend or foe

Deputies responded to a petty theft call at Malibu Lagoon State Beach. The victim said he asked a couple to watch his belongings while he went to the restroom and when he returned, his belongings were missing. The victim asked the couple if he knew where his backpack went but the couple did not know who took his belongings. The backpack contained wireless earphones, an Apple watch and a bluetooth speaker. 


Generator grab

A Honda 3000 generator was missing from a business location on Rambla Pacifico. The victim told deputies he had believed the generator was possibly moved by another staff member and did not file the report; however, after a week the victim was unable to locate the generator. The generator was estimated to be worth $2,500. 

Easy access

An iPhone, Brixton wallet and miscellaneous credit cards were stolen from a vehicle parked at the Dan Blocker Beach parking lot. The victim said he waited until it was clear to hide his key inside the rear driver side wheel. The victim returned to his vehicle a few hours later but the car keys were no longer there. A Tumi wallet, $200 in cash, credit cards and a driver license were taken from his vehicle. The victim was later informed that multiple purchases were made with his credit cards. A total of $3,630 was spent at numerous stores. The victim was able to locate his iPhone through the Find my iPhone app and it was last located at Long Beach.


Surfer steal

An estimated $41,000 worth of charges were made on stolen debit and credit cards at an Apple store. The victim parked his vehicle at Nicholas State Beach in Malibu and said he locked his vehicle and placed the key in the nook underneath the front bumper. The victim went surfing and when he returned, the key was missing; an iPhone XR, Mascot sunglasses, YSL wallet, and various credit cards were stolen.  


Passport pinched

A Canadian passport, Dell laptop, Apple laptop and prescription eyeglasses were stolen from the backseat of a Ford Fiesta parked on the south side of Pacific Coast Highway near Carbon Beach Hotel. The items were estimated to be worth $3,200.


Hidden key mishap

A vehicle was broken into on Pacific Coast Highway near Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu. The victim left his keys under a rock before going surfing and, upon his return, the key was missing and his phone, wallet and credit cards were taken from the front seat of his vehicle. His bank contacted him and said there were $3,500 worth of purchases from various locations.


Vehicle vandalized

A shirtless man wearing khaki pants was holding a knife and yelling at vehicles passing on Pacific Coast Highway. A bypasser told deputies the suspect scratched the driver side door of a black Jeep parked on PCH. The victim was able to contact the owner of the Jeep to provide them with the details. The scrape was 11 inches and the damages were estimated to cost $1,200.


Laptop lifted

A leather briefcase and a silver Mac laptop were stolen from a bench in front of a Pavilions in Malibu. The victim said he left his items and walked away for a few seconds and when he returned his belongings were missing.