Heads Rolling At Lost Hills, Across County, as LASD Tells Bosses To Reapply


Heads are rolling at the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station. 

And countywide.

The new sheriff … Alex Villanueva … has now ordered almost 500 lieutenants, captains and commanders to in essence reapply for their jobs.

And in an unprecedented move for a paramilitary organization … the new sheriff has told all of the lieutenants, captains and commanders to fill out forms he’s handed out … fill-in-the-blank résumés. 

Villanueva tells the L-A Times that the resumes will be used to determine whether the officials will remain in their positions or be reassigned … maybe to lower levels.

Villanueva also told every one of the nearly 500 supervisors to remove the gold pins on their collar that indicate their rank.

Villanueva said the move is intended to shake up conventional thinking among the top brass. 

The the union that represents the sergeants, lieutenants and other department staff calls it demoralizing. 

Villanueva says it’s the other way around.

He tells the L A Times that “obsessions with rank and self-centered behavior is what got us into trouble over the past two decades. 

“Ranking members of the department were treating their subordinates like crap.” 

And he says … “that was considered acceptable.”

We have a link to the L-A Times story on the KBUU Newswire.