KBUU News Headlines DAY 18 Mon Nov 26 – Number Of Destroyed Houses Now 475 – Power Supply Line May Be Repaired Tuesday – Anger And Fury At County, City



This is KBUU News on Day 18 – the headlines:

  • =  The number of houses destroyed by the fire increases.
  • =  Power may be fully restored by Tuesday.
  • =  The city does not know when it will start issuing debris removal permits.
  • =  City Hall closed one more day. 
  • =  Fury and anger at the fire department … and the city … at a community meeting.


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Today is day 18.

The number of houses destroyed has been revised upward … from 443 last week to 475.

And that is just within city limits. 

The homes lost off Latigo Canyon … the Troutdale and Malibou Lake area … those ar ein the county and we do not have a count of that.

About 25-hundred homes remain blacked out this morning.

Work is nearly finished rebuilding the key electricity transmission line between the California power grid … and western Malibu.

Line crews tell KBUU News they expect the Gallahad circuit … serving western Malibu … to be lit up Tuesday morning.

The Gallahad supply line has been down for 17 days … four miles of power lines coming in over steep canyons from near Latigo Canyon Road …. over Escondido and Ramirez canyons … and down the ridge west of Kanan Dume Road.

Lucky homes in Malibu West … Trancas Canyon and near Broad Beach have been getting electricity from a fleet of generators … rented by Southern California Edison … for 10 days. 

Others … for one reason or another … have been left on their own. 

As of last night … 2,562 customer accounts in Edison service areas were still without power. 

All of them … in Malibu or the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Once neighborhood power is restored, SCE will install a temporary meter on a temporary pole, with above ground service. (Underground service to a burned house? You will need a qualified electrical contractor.) 

In order to get a pole, the house has to have a demolition permit. Also, a rough plan showing property lines, destruction area, etc., and where the pole will go. Rudimentary, it has to show that the pole will be on your property and that SCE can get wires to it safely. Obviously, you need to consult SCE for this. 

In order to get a demolition permit, your house has to be checked for hazmat: ammo, paint, lead. In the city, Malibu has brought in OES to do that, it will take a couple of days, and they start tomorrow (Monday). In the county, we are told the fire department has to do that, but we are not sure of that. 

You are responsible for installing the temporary pole and meter box. This is very easy. Lots of companies rent them. Google “temporary power pole.” About $1200.

Assessment teams from the state are fanning across Malibu starting today … looking at destroyed houses and other damage from the fire.

It’s going to take two weeks to assess the 475 destroyed houses. … to make sure that the wreckage does not contain unexploded ammunition … paint … or other hazardous materials. 

Only when a property is given clearance … can a landowner get a demolition permit.

The city is warning people not to remove ash or debris until a hazardous materials inspection is completed. 

The county Health Department is requiring all properties to be inspected by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and Los Angeles County Department of Health. 

But that leads to the question … when will the first clearance reports be issued???

Will the hazmat clearances be released as they are completed … or all at once??

What will be the lag time???

Those are important questions … and the city has no answers yet. 

Meanwhile .. residents sit with burned things … some of them possibly hazardous … close to their living spaces. 

And … with no way to haul them off. 

The state inspectors are scheduled to arrive today … having spent the last week in the firestorm-demolished city of Paradise .. in northern California. 


In the middle of all this … L-A County has announced it will conduct its annual free Household Hazardous Waste & E-Waste Recycling Roundup for Malibu area residents next Saturday.

This is the annual event to get rid of household hazardous waste.

Things like antifreeze, unused pharmaceuticals, car batteries, used motor oil, paint, pesticides, home-generated sharps waste, e-waste, and more. 

It’s a free and easy way to safely dispose of items that are too toxic to trash.

It’s the annual event … but this year is happening in the middle of the city that is filled rim to rim with hazardous waste from the fire.

Organizers are asking residents not to take fire damaged material to this recycling Roundup.

Again that will be this Saturday … December 1st … from 9 to 3.

More information is at the County website … WWW clean LA.com … or are available by phone at 888 clean LA.

We have links to those places at the KB UU website.

Los Angeles Department of Public Works at 1(888) CLEAN LA or www.CleanLA.com or the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County at 1 (800) 238-0172 or www.lacsd.org.

Also: https://www.lacsd.org/solidwaste/swfacilities/recyclecontact/hhw_e_waste/city_of_malibu___12_1_18.asp



City Hall remains closed today … one more day for environmental cleanup there.

Malibu city manager Reva Feldman gave most of her workers yesterday off … their first day off in 16 days for many.

The city has been in rescue mode … operating out of an emergency command post at Santa Monica City Hall. 

Today … the city government is moving into recovery mode.

Plans are being drawn up to hire an outside company … and set them up in offices outside City Hall … to handle the crush of people expected to arrive seeking demolition permits … rebuilding permits … etc.


SMMUSD got full power at Malibu High and Juan Cabrillo Saturday afternoon, from large generator trucks supplied by SC Edison.

The campus has been told to expect to switch back over to regular power lines sometime late today or tomorrow. 


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Discontent with the way the fire disaster was handled by the city and county boiled over yesterday … when the Malibu Times hosted an open house.

No city officials were invited.

Our reporter … Sam Hall Kaplan … says it was standing room only for an overflow crowd of residents at the Malibu Jewish Center late yesterday afternoon for  what was billed as 

the first Operation Recovery meeting.

Attending was an estimated 300 plus residents, many of whom had lost their homes in the fire that ravaged most of western Malibu, destroying at last estimated some 600 properties.  

Also attending were persons whose homes were damaged, including both owners and renters.

Organized by the Malibu Times,  it was hosted by publisher and editor Arnold and Karen York,  with a focus on what the victims needed to know to begin the long, difficult process of recovery. 

The Yorks and several involved residents urged people to review their insurance policy, meet with adjusters, apply for various government assistance, document everything, save receipts and have patience.

Perhaps hire a lawyer.   

But first as the meeting there was a venting, with residents coming forward to tell what they had experienced in the hell that was the wildfire and their varying responses to the mandatory evacuation order, be it leaving via a clogged PCH or staying and hoping for some assistance. .

The stories were chilling, with almost to the person telling angrily of being disappointed, if not disgusted, by the lack of response and presence of the L.A. County Fire Department.  

Residents told of disparaging put downs by some firemen, such as being told to call 911, if not that, calling next of kin. 

The stories prompted a volley of calls for a class action suit, and appeals to the county board of supervisors for both aid and a review of who was responsible for what was felt was a dereliction of duty by the first responders.


Johnny Carson once told a funny joke about his hometown … on the Tonight Show. 

“Good news from Malibu … the mudslides have put out the brushfires.”

That’s the reality facing Malibu this winter … as canyon roads and any structure next to a slope is in danger when rain falls. 

And rain will fall this week … maybe an inch of rain. 

Next Thursday and Friday looks like another gentle rain, according to the NWS long range outlook. We should get around 1 inch total, with the heaviest rain Thursday afternoon and evening. Rainfall intensity could range between 0.25 to 0.50 inch per hour at the peak.

There are no Santa Anas predicted in the next 6 days’ forecast.


STOKE FEST …. is being set up for this Saturday at Zuma beach.

It’s a day of healing .. surfing … friendship … aloha… music and laughter.

The idea … get old unused surfboards and wetsuits out of garages and closets.

Gte them into hands of kids and adults who lost theirs in the fire.

Ted Silverberg … the local insurance guy … is putting it together.

KBUU has signed on … we’ll have our sound system and Sandy Bottoms doing her show there.


And in two weeks … KBUU invites you to join us celebrating the fact that we are still here. 

Malibu bands and singers … who have a part of this volunteer effort from the beginning … will be performing at Casa Escobar.

Lunden Reign … Brooke Halpin … the Kharma Dealers … others. 

It’s free. 

Pass the hat to help us pay for gas for the generator at the transmitter … that’s keeping us on the air. 

That’s Friday night … December Seventh … at the Casa Escobar.

It’s a good way to support a family restaurant that is always there for Malibu.

They lost a weeks worth of business with the transformer failure just before the fire … and then another weeks business when the city was evacuated.

Friday, December 7 at Casa Escobar. 



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For Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and west facing beaches of

southern Santa Barbara County, surf may reach 6 to 12 feet as

early as Tuesday night or early Wednesday, continuing through

Thursday. There may be an increase in swell and surf late Thursday

and Thursday night.


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Really windy.

Downcoast winds …  (((    30   )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Winds up to 15 miles an hour in the mountains…. watch for blowing dust.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    6:41   )))).

After that … (((  cold   )))) tonight … low ((((  54  )))) beaches …  ((((  45   )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same    )))).


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