Letter: Obsession

Letter to the Editor

Scam Fall Krapman your words are lost in the mire

Your heart is full of blackness, and has no positive desire.

You have not one single shred of evidence

To convict our City Hall Leader, is proof of your toxic demeanor.

You hide behind your Apple Screen, obsessed with only one mission

Your darkened soul is quite off balance obscured by your own vision.

Take heed and rest awhile for surely you need the break

This journey that you’ve plotted is one very public mistake.


Scam Fall Krapman, you’ve Wasted so much time

However, I have had some fun composing this very rhyme

You see we know your task is to become a hero wrecker

It’s a bloody shame your mind is a smaller than your pecker.

 You see Scam Fall Krapman, you appear almost alone


Those of us, who know the truth, are in the Happy Zone.

The facts that you have overlooked are only a small speed bump

You fabricated a villainous Tale, and come out looking like Trump.


The Ink you have wasted, your time so very ill spent

Has all of us in Hysterics, because you really are hell bent.

You have been misled and you 

continue to mislead

The fact you have no armor and never had a steed.


Vacuous machinations are what you own, and nothing more

The letter’s you constructed are always such a Bore

The same old tune with hateful speech, it’s getting rather old

Those that work at our City Hall are nothing short of Gold.


Take this opportunity and try to dull your tines

It must be very difficult when you have absolutely no spine

Your neighbors stay away in droves because you are so delirious

Can’t you see during these times when you think yourself too serious!


Scam Fall Krapman, you see its time to retire

Put down your venomous pen, and sit beside the fire

You should warm your frigid heart would be a proper plan

However you would have to step up and behave like a Man.


Printed as submitted.