Sycamore School to Host Coding and Tech Summer Camp

Sycamore School

The Sycamore School has partnered with CodeREV Kids to host a summer coding and tech camp this summer for local children ages six to 15.

Campers will have the opportunity to create fun projects with code and develop their own unique games, apps, robots and websites through classes ranging from App Design on iPads to MathCraft — a math class that takes place inside the computer game Minecraft. The camp’s goals are similar to those of the Sycamore School’s weekly coding periods designed to help students develop design thinking and skills critical to their futures.

“CodeREV Kids ‘Summer of Code’ provides a great environment for kids who have already been exposed to code at school or at home to dig deeper into the digital world, learn to create technology and gain a stronger foundation in how code works and can be used to create amazing experiences in tech,” CodeREV CEO Evan Boorman said in a release by the Sycamore School. “These are the skills that employers are telling us are most valued and difficult to find in the workplace.”

The camps run from June 13 through Aug. 15 and students can sign up for specific classes each week. A typical day will be broken down into on-and-off tech design sessions, as well as three outdoor sessions.

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