2001 Dolphin Award Winners


The 12th annual Dolphin Awards banquet took place Saturday morning to honor nine individuals or groups for their contributions to the Malibu community.

The Malibu Mission Club (formerly the Justice Court Building) was packed with more than 100 people, some past recipients of the Dolphin Award.

The 2001 Dolphin Awards went to the following individuals or groups: Bill and Virginia Armstrong; Cornucopia Farms; Shelley Cox; Bob Hart; Tom Hasse; Zane Meckler; Laura Zahn Rosenthal; Dermot Stoker; and Peg Yorkin.

Dolphin winner Tom Hasse entertained the filled room with his humor, and it seemed that most people at the event were unified in their opposition to the debacle over the California Coastal Commission’s intent to draft a land use plan for Malibu without the city’s input.