Voting early, not often


    California moved its date for the primary election to March 7 so that we would play a greater role in selecting the candidates for the November election. Of course, the important thing is that we have a sizable election turnout so that we have a fair and representative election.

    In addition to selecting the candidates for the party, we will be voting on 20 propositions that are of tremendous importance to everyone of us. For example, we will be voting on five bond issues, which if passed will provide state money for things that we need right here in Malibu. Our leaders are very aware of how important these bond measures are to us and certainly will urge us to vote yes.

    As usual in these elections the efforts to convince us how to vote are already going full strength. Unfortunately, the propaganda often is full of half-truths and false innuendoes so that it behooves the voter to study the voter pamphlet carefully so as not to be confused by the blatant efforts to confuse rather than to inform us. We are a well-educated electorate so it is up to us to educate ourselves on the issues and to vote intelligently.

    Of course, the first thing is to be sure you are registered to vote, and people who have moved need to reregister. The registration deadline is Feb. 8.

    With the primary election coming so early it means we do have to move faster than usual. Please be sure to register, study the election material and vote — and vote wisely.

    Dorothy Green,


    League of Women Voters