Men In Black 3 interview with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones


Men in Black 3 won’t disappoint fans of the Men in Black franchise. It’s been15 years since we first saw Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones donning their trademark black suits and black glasses, and it’s been 10 years since Men in Black 2.

Some things have stayed the same and some things are different; best said by Will Smith,” See it was new but it was old, it was old but new, it was the same but different!”

A blast to the past, time travel, and 3D makes this Men in Black have a whole new look and new dimension, but for those die hard fans there is plenty that has stayed the same. What does Men Black look like in 2012? What did it look like in 1969? Bo Welch, Production Design said, “For 2012 our technology got smaller and cleaner, for 1969 it got large and clunky, yet gorgeous”

The new kids on the block are a perfect addition; it’s hard to believe they weren’t part of 1 & 2. Josh Brolin plays a younger K. Brolin’s incredible take on the character is perfection, and cleverly played out. Adding class to the cast is Emma Thompson playing Agent O, a longtime friend of Agent K, and Alice Eve plays the younger O in 1969.

Secrets of the characters unfold, and the audience begins to get a deeper understanding of the conflicted yet loving bond between Agents J and K . The movie is filled with surprises and heartfelt moments, aliens and a lot of laughter!

Men in Black 3 opens in Theatre’s on Friday May 25th, in 3D, Real D 3D, and IMAX 3D! For fans of MIB3 and those new to it, this is the one to watch, a Memorial Day Weekend must!

Text and video by Julie Ellerton