Malibu Will Host its First Poetry Summit

Malibu Library

Sponsored by LA County Public Library, the city’s Cultural Arts Commission and the Malibu Poet Laureate Committee are hosting the first annual poetry summit, entitled “Call to the Wall,” at 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, at Malibu City Hall. 

Poets Laureate Ricardo Means Ybarra, Kim Dower, Enid Osborn and Phil Taggart will read their poems to attendees. In addition, four emerging poets will be sharing their work at the event. Ivo Spirov, art teacher for Malibu schools, will have art on display along with art from fourth and fifth grade students at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School.

A reception will follow the free event.

In a statement shared by the City of Malibu, Mayor Rick Mullen said, “Malibu is such a magical place, it is no wonder that its wild mountains and windswept shores inspire poetry. I am very proud of the Poet Laureate program and the place of honor it gives our city among great cultural cities.” 

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