Mayor ProTem urges ‘yes’


My husband and I fought development in Malibu for over 30 years. Like most, we wanted to keep Malibu as open and natural as possible. Now, I truly believe this is Malibu’s last chance to do that. By now you have probably heard arguments for and against the agreement between the City and Malibu’s largest landowner. There is no question that it is a complicated agreement. But when you take away all the legalese, it boils down to Malibu’s last chance to reduce commercial development by more than 114,000 square feet, purchase the Chili Cook-Off site for a Central Park, permanently set aside 41 acres of open space, secure an Urgent Care Facility, restore Trancas Creek, and design a water reclamation facility that will finally clean up the pollution in the Civic Center. The agreement also calls for the landowner to build a Community Center at his expense and donate $2.5 million dollars to build ball fields and endow the Urgent Care. The landowner has made it clear that after 6-years, he is finished negotiating. If the land owner builds what he is entitled to under the law, the City will get nothing and the dream of a Central Park and the other amenities will be gone forever.

The opposition, small but well financed, suggests that the water reclamation plant is an attempt to sewer Malibu. Nothing is further from the truth. The facility will be just like others throughout Malibu (Malibu West and Malibu Country Estates). However, this new facility will be an underground state-of-the-art system that will not only treat the water to “human contact” level and clean up the pollution in the Civic Center, but also reuse it by recirculating it. Please believe me when I say, if we don’t clean up the wastewater now polluting the Malibu Creek and Surfrider beach, the State will force a massive sewer on Malibu that truly will open the City up to greater development.

Sharon Barovsky

Mayor Pro-Tem