Letter: Hollow Argument

Letter to the Editor

In response to “Enough of this nonsense” published in the Oct. 17 edition of The Malibu Times

This letter is in response to the one posted in yesterday’s paper by a Mr. Steve Jones. As much as I believe in his right to his opinions, I respectfully disagree with him. I feel no need to defend his attack on Mr. York, as the paper’s willingness to publish his diatribe shows which of them has more respect for the Constitution. Mr. Jones’ reasoning regarding the Supreme Court rings hollow when he questions the integrity of the chief justice and fails to mention the lack of temperament of the last appointee. 

For myself, I am so offended by Mr. Jones’ insults that I have taken pen to paper. Normally I would let this kind of thing go. However, this gentleman seems to be completely oblivious to the sins of the “right” in his attacks on the “left.” 

To say that “it has become plainly and painfully obvious that liberals do not care about the Constitution…” is both plainly and painfully offensive and wrong. To Mr. Jones, I will say this, please do yourself and the world a favor and take a good hard look in the mirror and change the channel occasionally. 

I am one of the citizens that you call “liberal.” My love of the Constitution of the United States of America is not to be questioned. To do so, as you have, must surely come from a place of ignorance. You must find it in your mind and heart that just because you and I have different opinions, different views on right or wrong, does not mean that we cannot both “care about the Constitution…” 

You go on to attack many of the liberal views and the people that have them. So, I must wonder if you have allowed yourself to be manipulated into looking at your fellow human as unworthy of your empathy and compassion. Your talking points seem cut and pasted from Fox News. I, for one, will, without hesitation, argue that, it is a fact, that there, most certainly, are more than two sexes. Both in genders and people. Any “adult” who does not see that, “We the people…” is meant to be all inclusive, is the one who ought to check his faculties. 

You question Mr. York’s clapping abilities. I say it is you who are not on the beat. I find it most concerning that you refer to our former ‘resident as “BHO”. Again, I ask you to review your words. Barack Hussein Obama, as you say, “overstepped his Constitutional bounds” in his creation of the “DREAMER” program. You say that it was not for him to decide who comes into and stays in America. I say he acted with humanity, empathy and compassion towards his fellow man. Unlike, President Donald J. Trump and his administration who separated children, including infants, from their parents (without even keeping proper tracking of them) and housing people in cages, in inhumane and dangerously unhealthy conditions. Are you blind to his sins? I will tell you what is so special about the LGBTQ “crowd.” They are people, they are your fellow humans, they have found themselves at a moment in in history where people are starting to evolve to a place where they no longer have to hide who they really are. They are citizens. 

Do you think that MAGA means returning to a time when people were not granted all the same rights? As much as our forefathers were all flawed men and our founders guilty of many sins, the framers of the Constitution of the United States of America did leave us with a document that gave us all the power to work towards the goal of “becoming a more perfect union” and the tools to modify that document, over time, to bring us to that place of our ideals where “all men are created equal.” Where when we hear those words, we automatically substitute the thought that the word men means people. All people. Without exceptions. 

In these scary times, I ask my fellow humans, please, please don’t ever forget that we are all in this together. That each of us is either a part of the world, or apart from it. 

Charles Dresser