Ideas can help


President Obama said he would consider ideas from anyone in order to stimulate the economy, so here are mine:

Increase the solar tax credit so that it pays for itself in two years or less. Not only will we reduce the amount of imported oil and reduce greenhouse gases but it will very quickly employ construction workers who are now out of work.

Invest in a crash program for advanced battery technology. This will keep the next generation of auto propulsion manufacturing here in the U.S. for hybrid and plug-in vehicles and create a new high tech green industrial base.

Begin a crash program to build ten nuclear reactors across the country. (Think rebuilding the Santa Monica Freeway after the 1994 earthquake). These must be of the reprocessing type used by the French so that we use up the spent fuel rather than arguing about dumping it under some mountain in Nevada. Again we lower carbon emissions and reduce our dependency on foreign oil and put many construction types back to work.

Have an annual race with a large cash prize for a practical and affordable car that can travel across the country using the least amount of fuel.

Encourage every newspaper across the U.S. to get people to submit ideas and have the best ones sent to Washington.

Scott Dittrich