Planetary Themes for the Month of October

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


This is a month for getting tasks done, getting better organized and accomplishing goals. There is much for you to do, but the urge to also procrastinate or delay the inevitable is strong through the 6th. You can find more satisfaction through your work. Opportunities will become present for making improvements in your life. 


A positive shift begins to happen after the 8th of the month in regard to money matters, work and career. Take a closer look at investment opportunities but keep your objectives clear through the 16th. You can make some positive changes related to your diet, health and fitness routine, and break some unwanted habits.


You move into a favorable cycle for making improvements in your relationships or attracting new friends through the 13th. Your challenge may be taking on too many tasks. Try to narrow your focus to what is most important and get better organized. Some family or domestic issues will require more of your attention. 


Opportunities are more plentiful for work, career and business-related matters. If you have siblings in your life, their role can take on more importance. During the second half of the month, there is an increase in activities and much for you to do. A balance needs to be reached between your family, career and relationships. 


Your personal magnetism and charisma can take you far until the 8th. After this date, the focus shifts to things that matter the most to you. Personal values and earnings take on more importance. There are opportunities for financial gains in your work or career if you are willing to make some sacrifices and roll up your sleeves.


This can be your big month, especially after the 8th when you get back on track. You are in your own element to attract the things you desire and are willing to work hard to accomplish goals. Try to be more patient with others if they are less efficient than you are. Remember to lighten up and enjoy the ride along the way. 


Focus on your social life and networking with others through the 8th while your personal magnetism is at its high point. After the 8th, it’s a time to step back and retreat from the world. More time alone can bring you back into balance emotionally. This is also a good time to start a new health and fitness routine. 


You are in a favorable cycle for work and career this month if you make the best use of your resources and network with others. Friends and acquaintances can help open new doors of opportunity for you. This is a beneficial time for improving your relationship with yourself and finding more inner balance. 


The challenge this month may be taking on too much and going in too many directions. Try to narrow your focus in your career on priorities. Your social network and friends can bring some support during the first half of the month. You can reconnect with old acquaintances that may have an important message for you.


You are in a favorable cycle this month for work and career matters. If you devote the time and effort, you can reap greater financial rewards. This is also a time for expansion and breaking free from any limitations. You may even feel the urge to get away for a while. Education and higher learning is likely to further interest you. 


Personal relationships or significant others can be more of a focus in your life through the 8th. After the 8th, it’s a time to explore the unknown. You can discover new things about yourself, too. A closer examination of your finances is also a good idea. See where some adjustments and improvements can be made in this area.


Personal relationships or significant others in your life are highlighted. Others are attracted to you and your emotional or spiritual qualities. Someone important in your life may also need some assistance from you. The focus is also on being of service to others. Your acts of kindness can open some new doors of opportunity.