Letter: Traffic Headache

Letter to the Editor

Shame on you City Council! Last week’s fundraising visit by the prime minister of Israel was one of your biggest screw ups ever. A five-mile back up of commuters and Malibu residents was fueled by a private party, on Ash Wednesday no less, one of the most important days to Christians. 

Most likely taxpayer dollars paid for CalTrans trucks acting as guard dogs and the police and hazmat presence. Not a peep out of our city leaders to let anyone know that traffic would be at a standstill. 

It put all of us, residents and visitors alike, at tremendous risk. No ambulances, fire trucks or other emergency vehicles could take people to safety whether you had a heart attack or a fire. This must never happen again, though remember, the city council promised this would never happen again in 2007. Tell them to take their parties elsewhere.

Susan M. Tellem