Malibu Seen



    It was hip, hip hooray for Hollywood as Jeffrey Katzenberg and his very hip, hip pals opened the doors to the glitzy new entertainment complex called Hollywood and Highland. Malibu’s mega mogul was honored at a star-studded bash sponsored by the Fulfillment Fund.

    The organization, which provides mentoring and scholarship programs to thousands of young people, couldn’t have picked a better venue. The whimsical compound brings a needed touch of glamour to the mostly dingy boulevard below and marks a return to Hollywood’s golden age.

    Spotlights circled the night sky as celebs made their way up the red carpet past an enormous pack of strobe-popping paparazzi.

    The evening sailed along with military precision and nothing was left to chance. After a photo ID check, a walk past metal detectors and search through our Judith Leiber handbags, we made our way upstairs, and what we saw was well worth the wait.

    The Babylon courtyard with its graceful palms, towering white elephants and Egyptian motifs provided a backdrop worthy of D.W. Griffith. Guests sipped apple martinis, cosmos and kir royals al fresco as they admired the city’s breathtaking views. The evening drew a who’s who of Hollywood including Calista Flockhart, Kate Hudson, Mira Sorvino, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Jimmy Smits, Mike Myers, sexy Kristen Davis and ever-youthful Warren Beatty (how does he do it?)

    But Katzenberg was the man of the hour, feted for his professional accomplishments and contributions to the community. While SKG’s famed middleman took the Stars 2001 trophy, the Fulfillment Fund walked away with the real gold. The evening raised more than $2.5 million for the group’s impressive and proven educational programs.


    Congrats to Malibu’s Pierce Brosnan for being named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” The Bond Man, of course, is much more than a Hollywood heartthrob.

    When he’s not outwitting the bad guys on screen, he’s saving gray whales in Baja, Mexico, supporting wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and opening vocational schools in Katmandu. He’s described in his profile as “suave and sophisticated, caring and kind” (being achingly attractive doesn’t hurt, either) but we already knew that.

    So here’s looking at you, Pierce. Keep on shakin’ it up!