Flaw you, Arnold


    You have absolutely lost it!

    Your editorial this week was the most vicious, mean-spirited personal attack on a person I have ever read anywhere, ever, and I found your comparison of someone’s home to a “converted Campbell Soup can” absolutely disgusting and revolting.

    You obviously dislike Jo Ruggles and disagree with her on many issues, but to personally attack her views (which I am not sure were hers) based (allegedly) upon the house she lived in and where it was located, showed your arrogance and bigotry as well as your stupidity. In your (I’m sure) nasty attempt to be funny, you got your facts all wrong . . . as usual.

    To set the record straight, Jo Ruggles has never lived in the “lower section of the park,” nor has she ever lived in a “converted Campbell Soup can.” She lived in a three-bedroom, three-bathroom modular house (not even a mobile home) up on the western bluff overlooking the canyon and the beach, right across from Barbra Streisand’s three-house compound.

    It is now obvious that you are prejudiced against mobile home folks since you insist we live in soup cans. Or, is this a straight-out attack on Ms. Ruggles, since I feel you do know the correct section of the park she resided in, but deliberately mentioned that she “used to” live in the lower section. She must bother you a lot since you are keeping such good track of her.

    Does any of this make a difference in how you view her opinions? I doubt it. Does that elevate her aesthetic quotient? Probably not. It’s obvious that you have an unbridled hatred for this lady. Is that because she has the courage to stand up and be counted for this community that she has served for so many years? That she has the courage to speak out for what we the residents want? Probably. You are a mean-spirited coward, guilty of arrogance and stupidity — two character flaws I cannot tolerate in one person.

    Pauline Balseiro