Ticket those noisy cycles


I read your recent article on motorcycle noise and wanted to add the serious problem that motorcycles create on Latigo Canyon, particularly the “crotch rockets.” On any given weekend, there have been numerous cars run off the road and near accidents created by these motorcycles racing uphill and around curves. I witnessed one motorcycle rider laughing and swearing at a young mother in tears at the bottom of Latigo after she had been in a near collision. We both reported the incident to the Sheriff’s office and they said that there was nothing they could do.

Groups of the motorcycles will race up Latigo and the noise of their engines, at speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour, is a high pitch screaming, nearly unbearable. This goes on for hours each weekend. Calling the Sheriff’s office, one is told that you need to call the California Highway Patrol. The Highway Patrol says to call the Sheriff’s office since we are in the city of Malibu. The Sheriff’s office has told us many times that they do not have the manpower or the cars to send up on busy weekends.

I hope the city will work to solve not only the noise problem, but what is also a very clear violation of state laws.

I am not against all the motorcycles. I have witnessed that most Harley types ride along within the speed limit, some maybe too loud, but generally reasonable. However, the crotch rockets that only use the canyons for racing are the primary noise factor and the safety factor for passenger cars driving on the canyon.

If the police cannot keep the canyons safe to the residents who live there, then they may want to consider closing them to only residents or putting an officer up the canyon to watch for violators and then another officer further up who can stop and ticket the violator or the whole group. Install cameras to photograph the speeder, his speed and a picture of the license plates. A ticket then could be sent in the mail. Once word finally gets out, the problem may subside.

I hope the committee and the city are able to create an ordinance that will allow easy ticketing and keep Malibu a fun and peaceful place to live and to visit.

Nick Bassill