Chumash Days of Malibu


The 13th annual Chumash Days & Intertribal gathering took place at Bluffs Park in Malibu on April 16 and 17.

Once a year the Chumash, as well as other tribes from throughout the United States, invite the public to join in their celebration of the Native American culture. The Chumash tribe is Native to California. They were one of the few tribes to navigate the Pacific Ocean.

This lively festival took place over two days and included Native American arts and crafts, face painting, Native foods, traditional drumming and colorful tribal dancing. Many sacred ceremonies took place at the Chumash Days, including a young girls first tribal dance. All were welcome to watch and join in when they danced. However, during these sacred blessings and rituals, filming was not permitted.

Visitors to Malibu could hear the drumming from the beaches, shops and cafes. Many local residents could hear the sound of the drums from their homes.