Dolphin Award Winners 2001


Arnold and Karen Portugal York, publishers of The Malibu Times, announce the 2001 Dolphin Awards, recognizing individual or groups’ contributions to Malibu.

Bill and Virginia Armstrong

The Armstongs founded the Carden School in Las Flores Canyon in August of 1965. The school has educated generations of Malibu children over the past 34 years. Many of them, due in no small part to the caring, loving educational guidance of Bill and Virginia, have gone on to successful careers as teachers, principals, preachers, actors, musicians, artists, chefs, engineers, lawyers, journalists and many other careers.

Cornucopia Farms

The Malibu Farmers’ Market and Agricultural Project was founded by a group of committed activist volunteers to bring a farmers’ market to the community of Malibu. The project introduced Malibu children to home gardens and the concept that what we eat doesn’t just magically appear in a supermarket.

Shelley Cox

Cox is a Malibu mother of a handicapped child who formed the group called EDU/play. The group helps to provide a solid educational environment for special needs children and their parents, and acts as advocates for the children. She trains parents and preschool teachers to identify and handle special needs children and also counsel parents and advocates for the children.

Robert (Bob) Hart

An active member of the Malibu community for 45 years, Hart was a political activist both before and after cityhood. He has been a member of every Malibu committee founded to improve the Malibu community. Hart is always the voice of reason and conscience, one who listens well, disagrees agreeably and brings a measure of civility to wherever he serves.

Tom Hasse

A member of the Malibu City Council and former mayor, Hasse has been a leadership figure on the Malibu cityhood scene since before its creation. In addition to serving as mayor and a councilmember, he has acted as an organizer, campaign manager and planning commissioner. Hasse has devoted more than 10 years and many long hours to the City of Malibu. He is unafraid to take often controversial positions, and never hesitant to speak his mind.

Zane Meckler

A political activist and unabashed battler for liberal causes, Meckler, who died May 5, 2001, spent his life fighting for education, the labor movement and civil rights. He had also been very involved in the local political scene. A mainstay of the Malibu Democratic Club, including serving several terms as president, he is a tireless bipartisan advocate of getting out the vote.

Laura Zahn Rosenthal

Rosenthal is an educational and parks activist. She has served as a PTA president and a Point Dume School executive board member for several years.

She was also a Malibu Parks and Recreation commissioner, a Little League board member, and a driving force behind several education and park bond issues.

Dermit Stoker

A passionate advocate for youth, Stoker has served as a coach and fundraiser, and is a sponsor of many children’s sports. He is chair of the Malibu Parks and Recreation Commission, board member of Malibu West Swim Club, board member and former chair of PARCS, and an active participant in many church and charity activities.

Peg Yorkin

Yorkin is a founder and principal supporter for the political activist group the Feminist Majority, which first highlighted public attention to the plight of Afghanistan women and took action to gather world support to assist them. Yorking gave the foundation the largest endowment gift ever made to a women’s organization in the history of the feminist movement.

Previous to Yorkin’s involvement in women’s rights, she produced live theater in Los Angeles.