Yard work, anyone?


    With all the squabbling of the Planning Commission over grand problems such as red roofs and lighting pollution, some of the simpler things are being overlooked.

    I have long been dismayed by the appearance of PCH in the center of Malibu. Doesn’t anybody care?

    What a first impression people must get of the world famous Malibu when they see the median strip between Cross Creek Road and Webb Way. For a very small amount (enough to hire a few laborers for a day) the weeds could be cut from the median across from the Standard station and the existing oleander allowed to show. Then for a small amount more someone could be hired to maintain it.

    There are some trees at the corner of Malibu Canyon Road and PCH that were burned in the fire and are trying to make a comeback. The dead wood should be cut out, it looks awful, and the new green foliage given a chance.

    For the long range a series of gradual upgrading of the entire median from Cross Creek to Malibu Canyon Road, to preserve Malibu’s tender budget, could be undertaken. First, bring water to either the entire stretch from Cross Creek to Malibu Canyon Road or at first, the strip across from the Standard station. This could be done in steps if the budget can’t take the hit. Then landscape it and hire someone to maintain it.

    Perhaps upgrading is being planned but is held in abeyance for future development such as Civic Center or highway improvements. If so, that could take years and I say something should be done now. At least cut the weeds. I am ashamed of the appearance of my community.

    Lawrence I Ivey