KBUU Newswire – Day 182 – Tues May 7 – 6 Months After Fire, State Debris Removal 72% Done – City Will Monitor SCE Tree Trimming – Rat Poison Bill Advances In Sacto



This is KBUU News – Day 182 – the Tuesday Headlines:

  • =  Malibu hits the six month mark after the fire … 
  • =  Three quarters of the fire destroyed houses on the state list have been removed.
  • =  Edison crews chopping trees on Bonsall will have someone from the city looking over their shoulder..
  • =  And the pruning shears get applied to the city budget today.
  • =  After the death of a local mountain lion … a  statewide ban on rat poison … moves ahead.

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Six months. 

Malibu is hitting the six month mark after the Woolsey Fire. 

State contractors have now hit the three quarters mark in the government debris removal program.

To date, crews have removed debris from 667 – or 72.4 percent — of 921 eligible properties in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties. 

According to DROC officials, crews have finished implementing erosion control measures on 260 of the cleared properties in Los Angeles County and on 30 of the cleared properties in Ventura County.

Rebuilding permits in the City of malibu are hitting delays at the county fire department. 

City planners say they are assisting residents as much as possible to satisfy the fire department regulations.

In some cases … the fire department is conducting site research with landowners to see how fire truck access and water flow issues can be resolved. 


As Southern California Edison  crews are getting ready to cut surviving trees in Zuma Canyon tomorrow … the city is getting ready to make sure that trees are not butchered.  Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/sce-trimmers-start-wed/


Legislation backed by Poison Free Malibu … aimed at banning rat poison on a statewide basis … is moving forward in Sacramento.  Details: https://www.radiomalibu.net/rat-poison-ban-passes-assembly/


The owners of the Malibu Beach Inn are laying the groundwork for a lawsuit against the city of Malibu … to force acceptance of their plan to put their parking lot across PCH and convert the highway into a part of their business.   Details:  https://www.radiomalibu.net/malibu-beach-inn-traffic-signal/


You are listening to the latest news from Radio Malibu … F-M 99 point 1 K B U U.  ((( time  ))))


The city council’s budget subcommittee meets today … and the scissors are coming out.

Technically … it’s the city council’s Administration and Finance subcommittee.

They will be making recommendations today for the full city council to act on.

The city council has already set broad priorities:

  1. Public Safety 
  2. Woolsey Fire Recovery
  3. and School District Separation

The bigger issue may be the goals that have to be put off.

Important city tasks … like new environmental maps for private property … a redo of the sign ordinance … regulations on cellphone poles … and plans for parks … the Civic Center … and what to do with the city’s vacant land. 

The subcommittee meets today at 10 this morning … at Malibu City Hall.




Traffic … in 65 seconds … first … 





Weather for the Malibu ….

((((   Gradually burning off and becoming mostly sunny   )))) … highs  ((((  65   )))) beaches … ((((   68    )))) mountains and canyons. 

Downcoast winds …  (((   up to 15  )))) miles per hour this afternoon.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((   7:41    )))).

After that … (((  mostly cloudy   )))) tonight … low ((((   55  )))) beaches …  ((((   51  )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same    )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((    60    )))) degrees.

Leo Carrillo Beach …   ((((    59   )))).

Upper Malibu Canyon …  ((((   51     )))) .

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   59   )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((   62    )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

The lifeguards say the waves today are   ((((    )))) feet high …. 


Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((   tide is at  1226

Low at 5.   ))))


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