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This letter was sent to Pat Cairns, principal, Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

On Feb. 12, 1999, my day was a nightmare. My son in the fifth grade left a prerecorded voice message from AT&T on my phone. When the phone rang, the message was, “Mom, I missed the bus, come get me.” The time was 1:01 p.m. I called the school and told Judy Slosser in the office that I was on my way. She said, “Your son isn’t in the office, maybe he is outside.” I immediately drove to the school, and we could not find him. Judy searched the playground and started calling the kids in his class.

I got in my husband’s car and started driving the course that my son would have taken if he had walked. The day was even more miserable as my Suburban was stolen earlier in the morning.

I stopped everyone on the street and asked if they saw a little boy with a green backpack. I drove home and checked in with my housekeeper. I couldn’t check in by phone because my car phone and beeper do not work in this part of Malibu. Now I had a photo of my son in hand and proceeded to look for him. I drove to the bus area and now thru tears asked Mr. Wirt if he had seen him. He said no but he would look for him. This gentleman told me he would not go home until he found my son. He then contacted the other bus drivers and had everyone looking for my 10-year-old. I got back in my car, checked in with Judy in the office and started searching all over again.

Two hours later Mr. Wirt found him at the high school watching a basketball game.

Judy met me in the parking lot when I drove in waving her arms that he had been found by Mr. Wirt.

My letter is to say that I want to let you know what an exceptional staff you have at Juan Cabrillo. I am so thankful to them for being so dedicated.

Mona Roven

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