Spring fashion


Megumi Nakajima, sales, Theodore Beach Malibu Women

Q. What’s in for spring fashion for women?

“Basically what’s in for spring is the bright colors. We need to reorder the neon colors because they’re so popular. White jeans are always good because they bring out your summer tan. Bell bottom jeans, jeans with a flare, the old school kind of jeans, that’s really popular because they look really cute with wedges and clogs.”

Q. Then wedge shoes are in?

Yes, wedge shoes are definitely in and then boots are always in, that’s a given because they always go with your jeans, skinny jeans, and leggings.

Q. What would you say is out for spring?

“I would say the dark colors and neutral colors, they’re always there, but you want to bring in the bright springy colors to bring out a fun look!”

Andrea Brown, sales, Anouk Showroom, Malibu

Q. What’s new for spring fashion?

“For dresses, we are seeing fishtail with the off the shoulder and a higher crew neck. What’s also new for spring is leggings with a skirt attached to it. You can either wear it down to cover your bottom or you can actually gather it up on the sides, and then you can wear it up around the waist so it’s almost like a belt.”

Q: What about footwear?

“What’s really hot for spring is the Chumaka boot, a short boot. It’s a moccasin bottom boot, this is very popular for spring! It has the hand stitch and we have them in three different colors. This is what’s really in for spring, the moccasin bottom.”

Q. What about jewelry?

“For spring you’ll see a lot of braid work in leather and also in the chains; with crosses, hearts, all different charms and gold mixed in with silver.

Bernard Fahimian, owner, Clarisse Salon and Beauty Boutique, Malibu

Q. What colors are hot for spring nail polish?

“Glitter has made a huge comeback because of nail design and nail graphics, for lack of a better term, are now very much in fashion. They make little designs with it on the other colors. We have customers who are teenagers to customers in their 60s and 70s using glitters and it’s not flashy. When it’s done in taste, it makes a beautiful statement.

“The other fashion colors are what I call ‘car colors,’ solid colors like bright blues, bright yellows, hot pink, greens, purples; again this is the new trend in colors, everything that is bright. Five or 10 years ago if anyone was wearing these colors it was just for a crazy fashion shoot but now it’s moving its way into everyday fashion.”

Q. What would you say is out for spring?

“In nail color, we don’t do that many reds right now, dark browns, dark purples, blacks. They’re popular in wintertime. The shattered look is out also for the time being, this used to be pretty hot last year. You don’t want the shattered look because it’s too harsh right now. Happy colors for spring with the gorgeous sunshine that we have.”

Q. And for the eyes?

Eyeliner never goes out of fashion, what we’re getting now is colored eye liners. Before it was just black and brown, but now we’re getting the other colors too, some blues, some greens, a little bit of glitter (just a tad, nothing too flashy) just a little bit. In Malibu the colored eye liners are popular, black always. Liquid eye liners are actually making a come back.

Q. The eyeshadow color you would say is out for spring?

We don’t do any blues, green that much, any light gold color, those are all out for spring.

Charles Medina, manager, Theodore Beach Malibu Men

Q. What’s in for men’s spring fashion?

“Statement prints, colored jeans, eye-popping brights. Reinterpretation of traditional, such as net processing on leathers and colored leather jackets. Linen, sand-hued beach ready separates and soft tailored, unlined blazers.

“Tech fabric jackets are a must have, choose a bright one to catch two trends with one look.”

Q. What about slim jeans for men?

“Yes, slim straight jeans are in for men in rich summer colors; seafoams, corals and T-shirts as well, in soft natural fabrics. Also, a must-have accessory is string beaded bracelets. A mixture of Bohemian, Rock Star and Antique inspired one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets by Borgioni.”

Q. What would you say is out?

“Goth and negativity! Black gets a break in spring and summer, out is the all black on black, the Goth look that had been so relevant.”