Paint that pier

First, I’d like to state, “I love Malibu.”

The people are warm and friendly and the area is beautiful. I was born in Santa Monica and lived in Malibu during the ’80s but, unfortunately, now I am only one of your many yearly tourists.

The reason I write today is a concern for your lovely city. Malibu needs a face lift!

What’s up with the unsightly Malibu Pier? Can’t this at least be painted and those horrid boards taken down? As such a central focus, I can’t believe it has stayed this way for so long. I would think, with all the local artists in the area, someone could improve the eyesore. It used to be so charming. Even if there are no plans for a total renovation, there must be an inexpensive way to at least clean it up.

Also, couldn’t it be lit at night? Why can’t people be allowed to stroll along the pier?

Malibu residents take great pride in their community. I think if a beautification campaign was started, both locals and tourists would support the effort to bring back the charm of the Malibu Pier


Laureen Hunady

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