New Poll Shows Local Businesses Suffering in Woolsey Wake

Woolsey Fire - 3.jpg

New poll numbers from the Malibu Chamber of Commerce paint a stark picture for local businesses following the Woolsey Fire—which not only wiped out nearly 500 properties within Malibu city limits, but drove many permanent and part-time residents from their homes for weeks or months.

The majority of businesses polled saw significant business loss from the fire; out of 23 businesses polled, 10 (43 percent) experienced 25-50 percent business loss due to the fire. Another eight (35 percent) experienced more than 50 percent loss over last year’s numbers.

Responses were similarly dire when business owners were asked to estimate how long it would take their business to recover fully from the Woolsey Fire.

Of those polled, nearly three in four expected recovery to take at least six months, with some estimating much longer. Ten predicted it would take six months to one year to recover after the fire; another seven estimated it could take up to two years to fully bounce back. Six businesses estimated recovery would take six months or less.

It was not clear what type of businesses participated in the survey. Although the Malibu Chamber of Commerce requested that information, many business owners appeared to skip the question—of the 12 that responded, there were two retail businesses, one restaurant, five service restaurants and four “others.”