Project gets rave


I am a 15 year Trancas resident, and cannot understand how anyone can oppose the Trancas Center redo. The center, through years of neglect, is a dump. So here comes a local with dreams to turn it into a country-themed center with hardware store, restaurants, book store, Urgent Care, park area. It’s a place for locals to shop and hang out, and people find obscure reasons to object. He is not building a multiplex or Home Depot!

There is nothing to service Western Malibu, and this part of PCH is not congested. I never even met Mr. Bercu, but he is a hero. This will turn a dump into a community asset.

Everyone complained when high rents drove independents out of Cross Creek, so here is a great answer without new development. There are environmental pluses in saved trips over the hill and to Civic Center, and less PCH congestion because of fewer trips.

My feeling is this is a case of a few people making noise, and if someone did a survey of Trancas shoppers they would see a 95 percent approval rating. I have voted for every Malibu anti-growth measure, but this is not extra development; it is taking an existing commercial parcel and making it fit community needs in a classy way that will benefit all and increase property values.

I look at this project as similar to the Malibu Pier. Take an existing Malibu landmark and improve it with elegance and make it better in every way without ruining it. What could be better?

Andy Cohen