Letter: Hollywood Help

Letter to the Editor

Attacking the “Hollywood” donors who are supporting “Measure R – Your Malibu Your Decision” is just another distraction from the merits of the initiative itself. The donors love Malibu as we all do and don’t want to see it destroyed by over-commercialization and perpetual gridlock. They want, as so many want, to keep Malibu’s small town feeling intact. 

To say nonresidents are controlling the initiative is simply not true. For the past four years, the grassroots efforts of Preserve Malibu, composed of fulltime residents, have been unable to get the City Council to act to preserve the small independent businesses and to control potential run away commercial development in Malibu. Its pleas have fallen on deaf ears. 

The Reiners — 20-year residents of Malibu — shared Preserve Malibu’s concern about what was happening and volunteered to help in the initiative effort. 

The Reiners are now part of a group of individual residents and local organizations who have been working to preserve what makes Malibu special. And for this, we thank them.

Patt Healy