No thanks for memories


In last week’s letters, Dawn Navarro states that she’s lived in Malibu for more than 30 years and can remember “natural grasses and wetland vegetation of the Malibu Lagoon” at a time when “Jerry Perenchio’s ‘golf course’ was part of the Malibu Lagoon and covered with tall grasses and reeds, which spread across Pacific Coast Highway toward Malibu Canyon Road.” Furthermore, Dawn claims to remember when “the Chili Cook-Off site was a natural paradise, a haven for wildlife and migrating birds and on the brink of destruction.”

Back to reality, Dawn. I was a child growing up here more than 30 years ago and I remember it well. I don’t know what planet you were living on, but the Malibu I remember looked pretty much the same as it does now, except that there were Little League fields where the lagoon is today. And, yes, there has been development. The shopping center at Webb Way and PCH now sits where there was once a ratty old market and junkyard. As for Jerry Perenchio’s property, well, that, too, was once a notorious, snake-infested junk pile.

And, Dawn, you weren’t brainwashed by our society’s attitude that property rights are the law of the land. Property rights are the law of the land because without property rights there are no rights at all. That’s basic political philosophy. Please reference Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, Smith, etc.

Then again, facts don’t seem to be your strong suit.

Wade Major