Letter: Come Out of Hiding

Letter to the Editor

At a recent Zoom debate focused on the environment, the eight candidates were asked if they supported Donald Trump’s environmental policies, including his belief that climate change is “fake news,” his blaming of California for our wildfires and his desire to put oil platforms offshore Malibu. Five of them refused to answer, and one of them called the question “inappropriate.” Three candidates said they did not support Trump’s environmental policies. 

Some of those who refused to answer were hiding behind the fact that the Malibu City Council race is “nonpartisan.” 

But what does this mean? I believe that all it means is that the candidate does not have to list a party preference on the ballot. It does not mean that the candidate can hide behind the “nonpartisan” designation to refuse to state his positions on the environmental issues that are affecting not only Malibu but the whole nation and world. 

We do not live in a Malibu bubble, and we need to know where all the candidates stand on this issue. Please come out of hiding.

Ted Vaill